Micronutrients in Mental Health Conference DVD Conference Program (Preliminary)

Daniel S. Smith, D.C.

Speaker's Bio Picture Dr. Daniel Smith is an organic farmer, council member for the International Organic Inspectors Association, 25-year chiropractor in Alamo, CA and member of the California Chiropractic Association. Currently, Dr. Smith serves as CEO of Genesa Corporation and President of Genesa Living Foundation in Truckee, CA.

In 2004, Dr. Dan became involved with organic farming by purchasing an apple orchard - a platform which provided a catalyst for research and development in collaboration with the California Certified Organic Farmers (association). As a chiropractor, Dr. Smith had realized that many of his patients could be taking ownership and responsibility for their health through diet and nutrition - a holistic approach to balanced health. This paradigm shift resulted in further interest and research into the effects of healthy eating and importance of nutrition across the board.

In 2010, Dr. Smith (through the Genesa Living Foundation) began production of the video documentary, "Love of the Land" and associated projects: "Toolbox for the Informed Eater". These projects evolved in the Lake Tahoe area from a grass roots passion and community interest for healthy soil, healthy eating, and knowledge of where one's food is coming from - which includes farming, delivery of healthy food to table, food to hospitals and food to schools - despite local limitations. This was the setting that provided Dr. Smith's clear vision to move forward and provide documentation: If it can be done in a mountain community, it can be done anywhere. A three minute version of "Love of the Land" and the "Informed Eater" certification process can be seen by going to and due out mid-September 2011.

Dr. Smith's public speaking presentations include Micronutrients for Mental Health (San Francisco, CA 2009), Micronutrients for the Central Nervous System (California Chiropractic Association 2006-10) Micronutrients in Agriculture (California Certification of Organic Farmers-CCOF 2009) and Fields to Fork / Toolbox for the Informed Eater (Truckee, CA - 2010).