Micronutrients in Mental Health Conference DVD Conference Program (Preliminary)

Daniel Kalish, D.C.

Speaker's Bio Picture Daniel Kalish, D.C., developed his own functional medicine clinical model through his successful work with thousands of patients. Through he teaches this functional medicine model and has trained over 150 practitioners including MD’s, DO’s, and DC’s both in private practice and at large facilities such as the Mayo Clinic. In his training program Dr. Kalish teaches a logical sequence of therapeutic programs and focuses on how to communicate effectively with patients.

Dr. Kalish was one of only 250 scientists and clinicians invited to the first One Mind For Research conference on solving brain disorders ( and has been selected by the Honorable Patrick Kennedy to lead the Integrative Neurology component of this significant scientific effort to solve the mysteries of the human brain.

In his private practice, Dr. Kalish is dedicated to his patients and believes physical health is our platform for the emotional and spiritual growth we all seek. His current focus is on Organic Cation Transport testing, lab based programs to correct brain chemistry imbalances. These treatments are highly effective for a variety of conditions including weight gain, fatigue and depression. In the past he has also specialized in treating patients with cortisol imbalances.

A graduate of Antioch College, Dr. Kalish also studied at the University of London and co-wrote the “Yoga Research Bibliography” with Dr. Robin Monroe from Cambridge University, cataloging the research on the physiological effects of yoga and meditation. Dr. Kalish is author of “Your Guide To Healthy Hormones.” He spent two years in formal monastic training in Asia, first in Japan under Zen Master Harada Roshi and later in Thailand with Vipassana teacher, Achan Buddadasa.