Micronutrients in Mental Health Conference DVD Conference Program (Preliminary)

David Hardy

Speaker's Bio Picture Born and raised in Southern Alberta, Canada.
High School graduate – class valedictorian – 1968.
Graduate of the University of Lethbridge (1974) with a Bachelor’s Degree in Education – Major in Biological Sciences.
Taught High School Biology for 4 years from 1974 to 1978
Established an animal feed consulting business and served as President of Hardy Feeds Ltd., a nutritional consulting and feed sales business, which was active from 1979 to 2000. During this period worked extensively with swine, beef and dairy cattle rations and nutritional supplements.
Co-founded the Synergy Group of Canada Inc. (a company fostering innovative research in health) in 1996 and began extensive practical research into human nutrition drawing extensively from experience in animal nutrition.
Co-developed a human nutritional supplement (EMPower Plus) in 1999-2000 and established a not for profit company (Truehope Nutritional Support Ltd.) which developed a support and tracking system for supplement users in a sophisticated data base.
Fostered independent academic research on the unique nutritional formula developed, resulting in a number of published studies in peer-reviewed journals.
Currently collaborating on further academic research studies in humans and animals with researchers and scientists around the world..
Have been the subject of numerous magazine articles, TV news stories and national and international radio talk shows.
Have presented results of our unique discovery and research across North America and around the world in various academic, government and public settings, including a presentation to the Canadian Government’s Standing Committee on Health.
Currently dealing with inquiries and interest in our research and supplement in more than 50 countries worldwide.